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Field Superintendent

RV Ryan’s approach to a successful project includes demonstrating and encouraging a positive attitude always on the job-site. His responsibilities include collaborating among all team members not just subcontractors and suppliers. Ryan knows how important it is to be teamed up with the IORs and SHPD Field Staff. One of his strengths is to assemble the project team and then through a collaborative interaction create a Pull Planning schedule that everyone voices their input and then once agreed to and completed all vow their full buy-in, so their Ownership is evident.

During his construction document reviews, Ryan identifies constructability issues prior to the issues being untimely and revealed in the field. He implements LEAN Construction practices such as Last Planner into the project scheduling and develops an approach from the logistics plans to mitigate impacts to patient care while ensuring the safety of Patients, Staff and our field workers. Ryan oversees the development of the ICRA plan, permitting and execution of our Infection Control Risk Assessment/Interim Life Safety Measures (ICRA/ISLM).

Growing up in construction, Ryan began his career in 1995. He progressed quickly from a carpenter to superintendent due to his communication skills, technological abilities, strong understanding of the components involved with constructing a facility, and his ability to find beneficial options for the project. His career focus on healthcare projects developed from the tangible, life-changing impact each project has in the community. In addition to incorporating patient care as the priority on each project, Ryan provides you a professional who understands the project details in working with OSHPD and enjoys the collaborative nature and urgency of work required on an OSHPD project.