Jamielee Nelson



Jamielee is a Project Engineer at NelsonHCS, Inc. with over 12 years’ experience in the healthcare construction industry, with her focused on the AEC industry. She also works with the Project Managers to assemble and organize the contractual documents and insurance requirements based on each healthcare project and the systems’ specific needs and requirements. Working with the Project Teams, Jamielee is responsible for assembling project documents, breaking out scope packages and organizing the subcontractors and vendors to create the best defined GMP or Hard Bid possible.

Jamielee reviews all subcontractor and vendor invoicing and monthly billings to ensure accurate and proper waivers are executed, attached, and integrates these with the field staff to verify accurate billing percentages.


B.A. in English – West Coast University
Studied Nursing Program – West Coast University

American Society for Healthcare Engineers (ASHE)
FEMA Reservist Training


Years at NelsonHCS: 12 Years
First Job: Technician and Emergency Overnight Hospital Coordinator.
Best Vacation Spot: My favorite place is on my deck with a book surrounded by my dogs and parrots.
Most Useful App: Goodreads; allowing the public to have access to indie authors.
Your Hero: Claudette Colvin; nine months before Rosa Parks Claudette at 15 years old she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat at the front of the bus. Due to being unwed and pregnant, she wasn’t seen as a candidate to shepherd the Civil Rights Movement but was a leader, none the less.
Word to the Wise: Focus less on the amount of money you can accumulate in life, but the difference you are making in others.
Favorite Subject in School: Genetics; I enjoy figuring out how specific genetic markers interact and what we can do to manipulate the outcome.
Favorite thing about construction: While our name will never be on the medical building, we were still apart of being able to offer dependable access to healthcare.

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