Sharp Grossmont Hospital

Sharp Grossmont Hospital | Orthopedic Operating Suite & HVAC Upgrades

This HCAI/OSHPD project was replacing 2 air handler units, 1 chiller, and 2 exhaust fans with new HVAC equipment serving the Perioperative Suite consisting of 12 operating rooms with internal filtration, humidification, and dehumidification and DDC controls, all while the OR suite remains functioning and performing surgeries for the community. Four of the 12 OR’s were upgraded to Orthopedic rooms with added med gases and new STERIS orthopedic booms, as well as updated laminar flow HEPA registers and low-wall returns per current code and best practice. The other 8 OR’s had fully replaced ceilings and HVAC systems to bring the whole suite up to current code and best-practice. The team replaced 3 OR’s at a time, while keeping the other 9 OR’s fully functioning and in operation, performing surgeries.

The Infection Control processes required in this active Operating Suite are by far some of the strictest levels of Infection Control and ongoing maintenance we have ever experienced. We utilized STARCWall products for our barriers and even our Fire rated barriers were STARCWall FireBlock Technology. This benefited us and the Owner from a cost savings standpoint as well as not having any waste to the landfills between phases because of tearing down temp walls and throwing them away.

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