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General Contractor

Nelson Healthcare Project Services is a full-service project and construction management firm specializing in the healthcare market. We deliver highly technical healthcare projects in the public and private sectors.

The NHPS team excels at adeptly guiding clients through the sometimes complicated and challenging process of Program, Project and Construction Management, while staying on schedule, within budget and delivering the Client’s Vision. Well educated in various delivery models, they match the Client’s needs with the best option for their specific program.


general contractor


NelsonHPS offers general contracting services in the healthcare industry

Office work planning


We will manage your healthcare construction projects with our reliable professional healthcare construction management services.

Construction Budgeting


With more than 30 years’ experience in the healthcare construction industry, our expert budgeters can help you cost out any project.

Project Management


NelsonHPS is uniquely positioned to facilitate your most complex construction projects.

STARC Wall Systems'

We provide a visually appealing, cleanable, reusable temporary barrier and infection control system, while maintaining fire and life safety requirements with one simple containment solution.

General Contracting

At NelsonHPS we’ve created an environment and culture solely focused on delivering Healthcare projects since 2010. In an Industry where most general contractors are happy to be “generalists”, we have never been satisfied with being as good as everyone else in delivering our Client’s Mission. Our organization is comprised of people who are dedicated to spending their careers designing, managing and building the Healing Environment.

So why would NelsonHPS focus solely on the Healthcare industry?

We believe there’s no other market segment in construction, that has as large of an influence on the health, well-being, and success of every aspect of our lives and society. We are not Doctors, Nurses or Hospital Administrators, but we understand exactly what they need and what we need to do to support them, so they can optimize the outcomes of patients in every facility we touch. We may not be delivering healthcare to, but we understand if we don’t delivery flawlessly on our project commitments we may impact patient’s safety and their wellbeing.

That is a heavy burden to carry but it’s the fabric of our organization and gives each of us purpose and passion for what we do. This commitment coupled with a lifetime of experience and Healthcare acumen, allows our teams to deliver critical projects without exception.

Construction Management

At NelsonHPS we started providing Construction Management oversight on projects for our clients a decade ago. We were able to bring our combined experiences from working at Turner, McCarthy and DPR, to create an environment encompassing all the great things from each firm, while maintaining an entrepreneurial and client-centric business culture. Our model is simple on its surface but has many complexities on its delivery. Our guiding principles for all Construction Management engagements:

  • Understand every aspect of our client’s business.
  • Make all decisions with the best interest/safety of our client and patients above all other considerations.
  • Understand all projects have risk and risk is better mitigated when exposed, assigned and thought through than when avoided or ignored.
  • Being client forward means you need to always tell the client the facts whether good news or not so good news, regardless of the discomfort or possible blowback.
  • Hold the designers, contractors, Authorities Having Jurisdiction, ourselves, and the client accountable for their responsibilities to the team and their commitments.
  • Always look for ways to deliver projects more efficiently, cost effective and with “Uninterrupted Patient Care”
  • Enjoy the process, we are helping to create and maintain, healing environments that make huge differences in people’s lives and this will improve everyone’s quality of life

Construction Budgeting

At NelsonHPS we have been acting as The Owner’s Rep and Construction Manager for a decade at several Southern California’s leading Healthcare facilities. These institutions, public and private, rely on us, to create and refine not only the scopes on future Cap X projects but also provide realistic Owner’s budgets and schedules for each project they plan for. These budgets and schedules are directly submitted to the C-Suite for analysis and use for their yearly and longer-range Capital Planning.

Our budgeting and scheduling group is made up of a combination of Construction Managers and General Contractors, who have the technology, market history and the experience at our disposal to create extremely accurate budgets for our clients. Unlike most firms, our budget pricing is based on historical finished project costs, current market trend pricing and also takes into account the entire life cycle of the project (hard costs, soft costs, and owner costs).

We have received extremely positive feedback on our budgeting accuracy and how it has made capital planning more accurate, measurable and predictable.

Program Management

At NelsonHPS we started providing Construction Management oversight on single projects for our clients a decade ago. After successfully delivering several projects, our clients recognized our approach was very client-centric. We have the ability and willingness to not just dig into the specifics of the projects we were building but to truly understand the culture of the organization we were working with and how projects transitioned from inception to completion. This understanding of how our Clients function allowed us to have unique insight into how go-no-go decisions were made when it came to moving projects forward. We are also able to see from a 10,000-foot perspective, what the ramifications of good and bad decisions on projects make on the overall profitability and care the hospital provide. We’ve been able to bring this knowledge and insight to our clients and explain to them how a different analytical approach could improve their delivery models, lower overall costs and minimize the impact on hospital operations.

By being capable of looking at the bigger picture we can identify and describe a “better” delivery model when we’re given the chance to redefine how projects are delivered in a building or on a campus. And from that first opportunity, an entire business line was created.

STARC Wall Systems' FireblockWall™

Less disruptive and better for the Environment, Infection Control and Fire Safety for our HealthCare Clients

NelsonHPS has invested in STARC Wall Systems’ FireblockWallTM to deliver to our HealthCare Clients an HCAI OPM approved, one-hour fire-rated reusable modular wall system for temporary Infection containment. Our long time Client, Sharp Healthcare, was the first project in Southern California to use the FireblockWall system.

This means we will not set up temporary plastic infection control barriers to build the fire-rated wall sections. Instead, we will use FireblockWall, which is clean, fast, quiet, and sets up in less time than building and finishing fire-rated walls using drywall. This system also features integrated, fire-rated locking doors, which we will use in this installation.

“By using FireblockWall, we’ll be able to provide a cleaner and far less disruptive experience to our HealthCare’s patients, clinicians, care givers and employees,” says Bruce A. Nelson, President of NelsonHPS Inc. “FireblockWall is also a more sustainable solution, eliminating the need to tear down and dispose of non-reusable plastic sheeting, or the dumpster full of debris that typically accompanies the demolition of fire-rated drywall and metal stud sections.”

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