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Prime Healthcare | Alvarado Hospital

Prime Healthcare | Alvarado Hospital | Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

This second floor renovation of an existing ICU that was demolished and replaced with a new 14-bed ICU with a Race-Track layout, coordinated nurses’ stations so the unit can flex and open only as many beds as needed to coordinate census needs for the suite. The entire floor plan was changed creating a layout requiring 24+ new penetrations through the slab into the operating 24-hour a day pharmacy ceiling directly below. The NelsonHCS Team also remodeled the existing pharmacy directly below the ICU to meet the new 797/800 requirements. The project required multiple phases with licensing at the end of each phase.

Prior to commencing work, the Team attended a project specific infection/dust control program. The processes were coordinated with the Hospital’s Infectious Control Officer and dove-tailed with their policies. Drywall and plastic partitions were installed prior to the start of construction. All partitions were sealed from floor to ceiling and structure. An ante-room entrance was constructed inside the barrier as a secondary precaution.

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