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Hoag Memorial Hospital

Hoag Hospital, Irvine | Elevator Upgrades & Modernization

This Project was composed of a new Elevator CORE energy efficient modernization that fed excess power back to the Hospital’s main distribution boards and complete equipment replacements along with a remodel of the existing elevator machine room area and an upgrade of the elevator control room to be environmentally controlled, seismically monitored and secured. Included in construction modernizations were new electrical power feeds, elevator control wiring, mechanical safety upgrades, a new designated elevator equipment room, infection control program including barriers, new LED lighting, fire alarm and fire suppression upgrades, and designated generator power alarms and lighting indicators.

The project scope entailed the modernization of four (4) elevators; two (2) existing traction passenger elevators, and two (2) existing traction, service elevators. The existing elevator machine room housed the new “state-of-the-art” elevator control system that was computer-based and required climate and environmental control to protect the computer-aided equipment and proper operation.

The construction of the controls room with metal framed gypsum wall partitions, doors and interior windows was the location for the new controls system. A roof-top mounted HVAC system dedicated to the cooling and environmental control to maintain an ambient temperature, eliminate existing humidity, and open ventilation was included.

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