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Hoag Hospital, Irvine

Hoag Hospital, Irvine | CATH Lab Renovation

This project was performed within an operating OSHPD/HCAi Cath Lab Suite with very detailed Infection Control procedures. Coordination of all construction activities with the Cath Lab Manager to ensure their ongoing Operations and “Patient Care” would not be jeopardized or even minimized in any way. The team established communication protocols, access to the Cath Lab area protocols, and Emergency protocols for the project and practiced those to ensure everyone was on the same page should there be any unforeseen challenges. The Cath Lab was an organizational priority project to ensure the Interventional Radiology Suite had the latest most beneficial technology for the care of Hoag’s Patients. The new Lab Suite allowed the Hoag’s care platform to expand and add additional procedures because of the upgrades in new equipment and advanced C-Arm.

Together with the Owner, equipment vendor, Designers, select subcontractors, and the IOR in the beginning of the project, Nelson held a day long charette, walked through the documents to ensure the scope was covered, and it was detailed in a way OSHPD/HCAi could inspect it and approve per plans and specifications. This effort created a Team that was focused on the same end goal and the schedule in mind.

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