Hoag Memorial Hospital

Hoag Hospital, Irvine | #2 CT Scanner Room, X-ray, & GI Procedure Room

This Design-Build, CM Multi-Prime Delivery, phased remodel project delivered a new x-ray imaging room, gastrointestinal (GI) laboratory, and second computerized tomography (CT) scanner room for the hospital. This multi-phased project to renovate a new 2nd CT Scanner Room, X-ray, and GI Procedure Room, started demolition of existing Nuclear-Medicine (Nuc-Med) Unit and Stress Testing Rooms in the Radiology Suite and made way for a New SPECT CT Nuc-Med Unit.

Phase-1 was a relocation of the existing Radiology Room 2 with new equipment into the former Radiology Room 4 location. Phase-2 relocated the existing Special Procedures room with all current equipment to the old Radiology Room 2 location. Phase-3 took over the prior Special Procedures room, Emergency Department office break room, Ultrasound Room One, Ultrasound Room 2, Ultrasound Office, Imaging Staff Women’s Toilet, and part of the Imaging Waiting Room to create large new CT Scanner Room #2 with all new equipment.

When the new CT Scanner Room was renovated, the equipment installation began of new x-ray machine in existing X-ray Room ready to convert X-ray Room to the new GI Procedure Room, then added Medical Gasses, ePower, and remove existing Buckey to allow for added Procedures.

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